How to Make Friends with My Emotions

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Set consisting of 10 printable materials and instructions for their use.
While using them, children (and adults) are invited to:

  • recognize their core emotions
  • recognize the needs behind their emotions (there are no positive or negative emotions, just emotions; every emotion has a need at its core)
  • allow themselves to feel and think at the same time
  • recognize the intensity of the felt emotion
  • practice different methods for emotional self-regulation
  • practice deep breathing: inhale and exhale exerciseThe materials are child-friendly, contain images that are easy to understand even without words, and invite to playful exploration.And, of course, I also recommend these exercises to be done by parents, who also need to explore their own emotions.


ATTENTION: These materials are virtual materials, which I invite you to print yourself when you get access to them.
You can download the material 2 times from the site.


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